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Joe Battaglia

Co-Founder, Executive Producer and General Manager, KeepTheFaith Radio

Joe Battaglia is Executive Producer and General Manager of Keep the Faith Radio.

A well-known innovator and pioneer in the Christian music and broadcast industries, Joe Battaglia served on the board of the Gospel Music Association (GMA) for 19 years, and also serves on the board of the Walter Hoving Home. For 10 years, he was on the board of the Eastern Chapter of National Religious Broadcasters and for 14 years, he served as Chairman of the Steering Committee for the National Christian Radio Seminar (now renamed CMB), a division of the Gospel Music Association. 

In 1992, Battaglia formed Renaissance Communications, a full service media agency specializing in strategic planning for organizations and gifted communicators of the faith & values message. Renaissance’ forte is consulting with clients on the most strategic ways to utilize Christian radio–whether by buying time, program production, or by creating promotions and unique, high profile events for national syndication. 

Prior to forming Renaissance in 1992, Joe was vice-president of Communicom Corp. of America, the parent company of WWDJ/New York, WZZD/Philadelphia and KSLT/San Antonio.  He was with Communicom for over 18 years, eight as General Manager of the flagship station WWDJ from 1982-1990. From 1979-1995, Battaglia also was a partner in Living Communications, parent company of WLIX, Long Island and WLVX, Hartford, CT.


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John Frost

Co-Founder, Executive Producer and Chief of Programming KeepTheFaith Radio

John Frost is Keep The Faith’s chief programming officer—overseeing Keep The Faith’s on-air radio efforts. 

John has been a successful major market disc jockey and program director for such companies as CBS, Cap Cities, Westinghouse, Sandusky, Gannett, and Alliance during his 38 year broadcast career. He is also a partner in Goodratings Strategic Services (GSS), a radio consulting firm.  

Prior to joining GSS partner Alan Mason in 1999, Frost serviced as Vice President for Paxson Communications’ 47 radio station group in Florida. He stayed with Paxson through the transition of the company to launch the PAX TV network, which later became ION. 

Before being promoted to VP of programming in 1996 at Paxson, Frost was Operations Manager for Paxson’s five station cluster in Orlando, Florida. It was at AC Magic 107.7 that Frost and Mason launched the first family values, “safe for the family” strategy, resulting in Paxson Communications’ first 12+ and #1 25-54 station.


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David R. Sams

Co-Founder, Executive Producer, KeepTheFaith Radio & Publisher, KeepTheFaith Digital; Executive Director, CharityOne, Inc. 

David Sams is one of the world's most respected marketing strategists, a nine-time Emmy winning TV producer, author, speaker, and emerging technologies guru. He has been featured in the pages of TVGUIDE, USATODAY, and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. He has appeared on 60 MINUTES, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, NBC’S TODAY, DATELINE NBC, and WORLD NEWS TONIGHT. He is listed in WHO'S WHO IN ENTERTAINMENT, WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA, and WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD. 

Sams was the marketing architect who turned WHEEL OF FORTUNE and JEOPARDY into the two highest-rated shows in syndication history, while head of global marketing and creative affairs for a small, family owned syndication company called King World. Soon thereafter the company went public and eventually sold for billions of dollars–and is now part of the CBS family. 

In 1986, Sams helped to launch the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW into national syndication. His creative marketing efforts made Oprah a household name even before the talk show host hit the airwaves. She was #1 in nearly every TV market from her very first day on the air. Sams re-invented the way syndicated shows and personalities are marketed.  To this day (over two decades after they first hit the air) WHEEL OF FORTUNE and JEOPARDY remain the top-rated shows in TV syndication, while OPRAH recently ended her daytime talkfest #1 in Daytime. 


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Don Buettner

Producer and Director of Sound Design, KeepThe Faith Radio

Don Buettner knew early on in life what he wanted to do when he grew up. “I had a pretend radio station in my room and would scan stations to record songs for my show because I didn’t really have money to go out and buy 45’s.” As a late teenager, he sent an audition tape to WKKI, the local FM rock station. They hired him and eventually Buettner served as Music Director at WBYR/”98-9 The Bear” for 8 years.  In 1996 he was hired at WLAB/Star 88.3 in Fort Wayne and soon was promoted to Program Director. At about that time, he began hosting his own program called, “The Heart of Worship” and then started making it available to other stations around the country.  “The Heart of Worship” ended a 10-year run in June of 2009 when it became “Don Moen & Friends” and Buettner was asked to bring his talents to this new show as Associate Producer. It would become the most-successful launch of a syndicated show ever in Christian radio. When DM&F came to a close, Buettner stepped up to help launch “KeepTheFaith,” the highest-rated syndicated Christian music/inspirational show on the air today. 

“I am so thrilled to be part of a team that includes some of the most gifted people in our industry, and to be able to watch something I started on my own turn into what it is today is pretty special.”

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Denise Payne

Operations Manager, KeepTheFaith Radio & Associate Publisher,

Denise Payne got her start in broadcasting at ABC’s “Good Morning America”. After climbing her way up to Associate Producer at the Emmy-Award winning program, she went on to produce television shows and segments for The Family Channel, Warner Brothers Network, the nationally syndicated “Crook and Chase”, and served on the production team for the CMAs, TNN Music City News Awards, The Dove Awards and America’s Christian Music Awards. In the late 90’s while at Horizons Companies, she created and produced the Emmy nominated program, “Actual Television” which focused on making the emerging Christian music scene accessible to 18-24 year olds. She has won a Dove and Addy Award for her work in new media and for 3 years she also served as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances for Christian Network Holdings.

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