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 To Hit The Media In Years.

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In Los Angeles at 95.9 The Fish, KeepTheFaith  is a TRIPLE THREAT during


#1 in Adults 18-49

#1 in Women 25-54

#1 in Women 35-54


Plus in Orange County, KeepTheFaith shines and ranks

#1 in People 6+

#1 in Adults 25-54

#1 in Women 25-54


KeepTheFaith is doing so well in LA on KFSH, that the station has expanded our program from 3 to 21 hours per week!  

We now air seven days a week in Southern California!


"I am absolutely blown away with Keep the Faith, more importantly the Fish family of listeners are eating it up.  This show is connecting in a way that very few have.  The PPM numbers are through the roof.   So much so that we are expanding the show to the full five hours on Sunday morning."

Chuck Tyler, Program Director, the Fish Los Angeles


In Atlanta at 104.7 The Fish, KeepTheFaith is #1 in Women 25-54 in the heart of Atlanta's Sunday Morning drivetime!  Plus… 

#1 in Women 18-49 with a record 20 share!

#1 in Adults, 25-54


KeepTheFaith now ranks #1 with people 6+ with a record 132,900 cume! 

Plus, an additional 57,900 listeners 6+ tune in for the Sunday night show! 

"Keep the Faith has taken our Sunday mornings to a new level of connectivity and the PPM ratings have confirmed that. The show so much reflects the beliefs and values of our listeners that we now replay the show Sunday evenings and we are considering using the already provided content-only breaks in other day parts M-F!" 

Mike Blakemore, Program Director, WFSH



In Columbus, OH, on "The River", KeepTheFaith is #1 in Women 25-54 with a 17.9 share,

#1 in Adults 25-54 with a 15.4 share;

And in March 2012, its #2 in people 6+ pulling a 13.2 share with a growing cume of 45,400!


"Let's face it, Sunday mornings can be hectic, especially for parents.  Keep the Faith is an ideal way we've found to give our listeners an opportunity to worship and be encouraged before church." 

Todd Stach, Chief Creative Officer, WCVO The River



In Charlotte, on New Life 91.9 WRCM, KeepTheFaith garners the highest rating

for any daypart on the entire station!

"I believe that KeepTheFaith enhances what we are trying to do as a radio station.  The emotion, the insights, the music – it all connects particularly with what our listeners are looking for on Sundays. As a result, we have seen tremendous growth in our Sunday morning audience."  

Joe Paulo, Director of Broadcasting, WRCM and 89.7 WMHK – Columbia






In the Riverside-San Bernardino metro area of Southern California, KeepTheFaith is the engine helping make this station #1 in women 25-54!


"Keep The Faith" is one of those unique shows that our listeners really look forward to. We run it both Saturday and Sunday. I have had listeners tell me how much they were affected in a very positive way from hearing the stories of hope and encouragement. Keep up the good work!"

  Bryan O'Neal, Program Director, KSGN





"Keep the Faith is a proven WINNER Sunday mornings on 98.5 KTIS!  The response is HUGE across the TWIN CITIES, and weekend cume is up!  Starting April 1st, I am delighted to encourage KTIS listeners by offering the new 5 hour version of the show!  Keep the Faith aligns with my vision for reaching more people than ever in Minneapolis /St Paul with quality programming that provides hope and encouragement, and changes lives." 

Keith Stevens, Program Director, KTIS



Keep The Faith has reached a new milestone—#1 in Women 35-54 at Spirit 105-9 in Austin, Texas!   

The show is also #2 in Women 25-54 and #3 in Adults 25-54!
















Breaking Records–Making Encouragement Contagious!

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      Miami–  John Frost    John@KeepTheFaith.com

      Nashville– David Sams    DavidSams@KeepTheFaith.com


     Programming/Booking:  David Senes



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