About Us

KeepTheFaith is out to make Encouragement Contagious. We are doing it by spreading Good News, Uplifting Messages, and Songs of Hope and Inspiration. Simply put, we are meeting the needs of people in ways that other media is not. You won’t hear bad news, political hot-talk, sarcasm, or lewd songs in our programming—making us radically different from most other outlets. 

However, you will experience “real life” and “real-life issues” people have either gone through or are currently going through. KeepTheFaith provides the general public with tools and information to enrich their lives despite the obstacles they may be facing. We accomplish this using various platforms—from our radio network of hundreds of stations to our engaging social network at KeepTheFaith.com. In addition, we will be soon be launching a concert series, multiple specials events, and a spectacular smartphone app. KeepTheFaith offers content providers, underwriters, and sponsors a unique 360 opportunity.



CharityOne, Inc.’s mission during these difficult times is to see lives transformed by creating audio, video, and written content that inspires people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. CharityOne provides the general public with tools and information to enrich their lives despite the obstacles they may be facing. CharityOne uses various media platforms to produce and distribute its educational messages, including:

  • Radio: Through our global radio programming, including its KeepTheFaith™ program format, CharityOne’s broadcast platform serves hundreds of broadcast stations.  CharityOne encourages listeners with Biblical life lessons, interviews with critically acclaimed author, teachers, and pastors, heartfelt listener call-ins and testimonies, and message-driven music that meets the “felt-needs” of listeners;
  • Internet: CharityOne has built a social network at KeepTheFaith.com that is specifically designed to bring people together who share many of the same joys, challenges, obstacles, and hardships of life. As a Christian ministry, CharityOne provides users of KeepTheFaith.com with topic-driven tools and information, including: sermons, talks, small group resources, blogs by notable authors and members, an exchange forum, videos, and other applications. There is no charge to join KeepTheFaith.com;
  • To find out how you can become a part of helping CharityOne grow, contact: MemberServices@CharityOne.Org. To find out more about our KeepTheFaith™ programming, please sign up as a New User HERE. You will then be provided with a password to the applicable area of interest. CharityOne supports the Intellectual Property Rights of all artists–that’s why we request that you provide us with applicable professional information and that we approve you for a password prior to entering certain informational areas on this website. Thank you for understanding.

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